What to expect in the studio

The Studio


There are different backdrops to choose from, white, black and a tie-dyed abstract.  We tend to use the white background for children although sometimes the black for very new babies.

Lights and flashes

We use studio strobes (purpose made flashes) in order to keep the eyes looking as natural as possible.  When the whole room is brightly lit our eyes adjust and our pupils go small.  Using strobes to flash for each picture our eyes look bright with wide pupils.  There are two lights to light the person we’re photographing along with lights to help make the background look the way we need.  The lights lighting the subject are enclosed in what is called a softbox or behind an umbrella in order to diffuse the light.

Baby or Child Portraits

With the kids we don’t have long before their attention can go so we need to work smart.  The studio is set up already so we can get started straight away.  We’ll likely take over 100 images during the session and expect to be able to present to you the 20 best ones.  Babies and kids are great to take pictures of as they are constantly on the move.

We encourage you to arrive a little before the time for your shoot in order to get changed, do hair, etc.


You might like to bring clothes which will work well with a white or black background.  We can make a little time for some quick changes if you wish to have different outfits.


Bring toys for them, either to distract them or to deliberately be part of the scene being photographed.  If you are bringing their favourite toy to be in the picture be aware that with the quality of the image any marks or blemishes may be quite obvious.  We have a small selection of toys which may be used if you wish.
Feel free to give us a call to talk things through at our studio in Kirkhill, Broxburn, West Lothian – 01506 858 858